Sunday, September 9, 2012

Emily | Class of 2013

Two years ago on the hottest day of the summer (or close to it!) We shot Senior pics of a very cooperative young man who managed to barely break a sweat the WHOLE SESSION!  We were drenched.  Mascara running.  Hair dripping.  SCARY. 

And then 2 years later, we had a VERY WARM night and his little sister came for her Senior session.  She didn't break a sweat either.  It's kind of amazing.  It must be a family trait.  Cuz yet again the UWA girls were pretty drippy by the end of this session!  LOVELY!

Emily was such a doll!  She is an awesome soccer player, so we started her session out on the soccer field.  And ended with some more natural shots.  She was a MODEL in front of the camera!  She looked just stunning! 

We loved the golden glow of the sun and as it went down for the evening it gave us a delicious light to shoot in!

Thanks for trusting us Emily with capturing this milestone!  Congrats and good luck next fall!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alex | Class of 2013

We have been so blessed this fall with some AMAZING Seniors!  This young man just exuded respect and a love for the LORD!   We had such a great time taking photos with him!   We were able to do the photos in his own "backyard" which happens to be a huge Christian Camp!  They had amazing architecture and wonderful places to sneak into to take some shots (even a paintball field!)

Thank you Alex and family for allowing us to capture this wonderful milestone for you!!!