Friday, August 30, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Bike trails!

Deb here and I have a new toy:  A bike! (That isn't me in the picture.  I am borrowing this instagram from Nicole's stash.  Don't tell her!)

I seriously LOVE cruising around on it, discovering the fabulous bike trails that are all over Central Iowa.  Fabulous five fave trails so far:

5.  High Trestle Bridge Trail between Madrid and Woodward ... however I wouldn't recommend it on a Saturday afternoon.  It is everyone else's favorite at that time too as they enjoy that fabulous bridge!!

4.  Waukee to Adel.  This one is still on my to-do list -- but it was an old favorite from 20 years back.  Love the scenery.  Love the Adel Dairy Shoppe ice cream. 

3. Waukee to Dallas Center.  WOW -- a smooth, wide, mostly-level path that was just finished this year.  My husband flies down that path (he's the exerciser in the family); I putz along!  Works for both of us.

2.  Bill Riley Trail in Waterworks Park.  This is my planned trail for the weekend.  I've walked it with some of you, camera or umbrella-light in hand.  Looking forward to racing along on 2-wheels. 

1.  Clive Greenbelt Trail.  This is an old trail, a little rough in spots and it makes me hum 'The Long and Winding Road'.  But it just feels so ... comfy.  Great blend of park and city, quiet streams and highway underpasses. 

So ... do tell ... where do you ride?   Helmets on and I'll see you out there!