Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mr. J: turning THREE

It hasn't been that long since we were together taking pics of Mr. J's older brother. But this time around it was all about Mr. J and some family photos! I am in shock that Mr. J is THREE YEARS OLD already! Time flies! And its been SO much fun capturing photos through the years for him!

Mom is AWESOME at dressing them in coordinating outfits that just make them SPARKLE in pics!!! LOVE this family pic and the definite fall feel!!!

And how seriously cute are they??? No wonder their kids are so stinking adorable!!!

Thanks B family for another great session!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Class of 2012 Senior Photography: Lisa

We LOVE Seniors! They are always ready to pose, strut their stuff, and look fabulous!!! Lisa was NO exception!!! She is absolutely stunning and graceful!!!

She rocked it doing more serious poses...

...but she was also absolutely adorable with that contagious smile!!!

We had such a blast with her and were thrilled with the great shots!!! Thanks Lisa for letting us capture this special memory with you!!! And a special thanks to the Stuffs for letting us use their fabulous yard for some of the photos! You guys rock!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Growing Up

We have had the immense pleasure of photographing this family 3 years in a row now. And each year I am SHOCKED at how much those kids grow!

Miss H is blossoming into the most GORGEOUS teenager....LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTER MOM!!!!

And Mister N is just so adorably cute!!!

We traipsed through downtown Des Moines in the Court Avenue area and snuck into gross broken down alleys and found abandoned buildings (and had great stories about what we thought HAPPENED in these abandoned buildings). It was a beautiful, WINDY day and we had such a blast again!! Thanks for sharing your smiles with us G Family!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

9 Kiddos and 1 Hot day at the Salisbury House

It was a HOT day!!! We are taking in the high 90s! And we had a family of cousins who were ready to roll!!! They were INCREDIBLE troopers!!! And stinkin' adorable!!! LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!!

They turned on the smiles and charm....

And somehow we were able to capture all 9 with great smiles that day!!!! You guys rocked it!!! Thanks for dealing with the hot weather with us!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

25 years in love: The Stuffs

I love this couple! They are full of energy, joy, and life and they radiate love for each other and for God! It was SUCH a blast doing a photosession on a warm summer morning!!!
After 25 years laughter is a MUST....

...LOVE is a MUST....

...and TOGETHERNESS is a MUST!!! Thank you for sharing your love with us, Stuffs!!! Happy 25 years of wedded bliss!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mr P: 18 months old

This is our third photoshoot with Little Mr P! He is ALWAYS photogenic and adorable!!

His hair....oh my goodness...its the most to die for reddish-brown color you have ever seen!!!

He has the best happy expressions, serious expressions, thoughtful expressions, silly expressions....okay....he is just cute no matter WHAT expression is on his face....this helps his case!!!

Thanks for another GREAT photoshoot Mr P!!! Hope to see you again soon!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Newborn Snuggles: Little A makes her debut

This little princess was such a pleasure to work with. She was sweet and snuggly and just LOVED being cuddled by mommy! Older sister was there to help with the photo shoot (and watch a little Dora, who doesn't love Dora??)

I love this shot! We have done it before, but its one of my favorites. Baby toes make me melt!!!

And oh my goodness, she is such a little doll! Loved how cooperative she was with all the posing!!!

Have I mentioned before how much I love bling and big flowery girly stuff??? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! We get giddy when we show up to photoshoots and the little ones are dressed to the nines! JUST love it!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Capturing Moments on a hot summer day

We seriously have some of the best clients! Yeah, we are a little bias but they really are GREAT! It was stinkin' HOT when we did this families photos, but they just SPARKLED for the camera!!!! may gush now...aren't they adorable???

This photo is probably one of my (Nicole's) favorites!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the daddy and son moment!!!!

Ummmm....can we give you a parenting tip??? LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTER!!! She is BEAUTIFUL beyond words!!!!

You guys rock! Thanks for stickin' through a HOT day with us!!! You guys SHINED for the camera!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday started out overcast, turned rainy, started thundering, and then rained more....and more....

But....we remained HOPEFUL!!!
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The families were so cooperative and even got a tad wet, but we had SO much fun and were able to get some great photos under the natural canopy of trees....or umbrellas....

Thank you to our soldiers who sacrificed so much of their lives to protect ours! And thank you to the wives and babies at home who wait nervously for your soldiers to come home to you! You guys make a huge sacrifice and we are so thankful! We hope you enjoyed your day with us and enjoy your photos for years to come! Thank you for having A Hope Beyond Deployment and sharing your memories with us!!! Come check out more sneak peeks on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beyond the pictures: Taking it a step further

You have had your pictures taken. Your smiles were perfect, your clothes spotless, your little ones well-behaved (or at least they appeared to be). NOW WHAT? What do you do with all those pictures??? Frame them??? Put them in an album??? Share them via email???

We wanted to share a few ideas with you, that will help you take your pictures a step further!!! We LOVE us some graphic design and of course we love sharing our creations with you! Today we wanted to share some scrapbooked pages with you, but TRUST us, this ain't your Grandma's traditional scrapbook. This is DIGITAL and can be printed, framed, or put in an album just like your traditional photos!!!

Check out some of our "scrapbooked" creations!!! We can make a customized scrapbook for YOU after your photoshoot as well, just ask us for details!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunset at the Park {Des Moines Photographer}

This is the third time we have had the privilege of photographing Little Miss and Little Mr. They are SO stinking photogenic and FULL of personality! And boy does mom know how to dress those two! She always has them decked out on the most ADORABLE outfits!!!!

We met right at sunset one evening and had a blast laughing....

...looking fabulous....

...looking adorable....

...and giggling hysterically because we were picking grass and throwing it (somehow it became green spaghetti...don't know how that happened, but it was funny!)

Have a perfectly fabulous day!!!! ---the UWA girls