Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beyond the pictures: Taking it a step further

You have had your pictures taken. Your smiles were perfect, your clothes spotless, your little ones well-behaved (or at least they appeared to be). NOW WHAT? What do you do with all those pictures??? Frame them??? Put them in an album??? Share them via email???

We wanted to share a few ideas with you, that will help you take your pictures a step further!!! We LOVE us some graphic design and of course we love sharing our creations with you! Today we wanted to share some scrapbooked pages with you, but TRUST us, this ain't your Grandma's traditional scrapbook. This is DIGITAL and can be printed, framed, or put in an album just like your traditional photos!!!

Check out some of our "scrapbooked" creations!!! We can make a customized scrapbook for YOU after your photoshoot as well, just ask us for details!!!

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