Monday, September 16, 2013

Soccer and Sneak Peeks

This weekend was PACKED to the brim with activity and I (Nicole) am FEELING it today!  I have been sucking down coffee and trying to stay awake...

So our Saturday started with a GREAT photosession for the Graham family.  Check out their GORGEOUS kids! 

Plus my little man (okay my oldest son, but I can't believe how old he's getting) had his first ever soccer game!  SO exciting and he LOVED it!!!
Two more photosessions (preview soon!) and an Iowa vs Iowa State game rounded off the night!  GO HAWKS!  Plus hubby and I are training for the Des Moines Marathon, so we ran an 18 miler on Sunday.  Whew...yep, exhausted!  But an AWESOME weekend and AWESOME weather!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet Dreams | Little Pea

My (Nicole's) little Pea had a playdate this afternoon. After a few hours of ballerina, Barbies, nails, and hair, she was EXHAUSTED. Within minutes of her friend leaving I found her on the couch completely zonked out! Sweet dreams little princess!!!!