Thursday, July 17, 2014

munchkins, sunset, and little ones | des moines children and family photography

this last weekend we had some AMAZINGLY fun photosession.  a sunset shoot, that almost didn't happen due to storms coming.  but seriously, it ended up being GORGEOUS!  and the Jacksons ROCKED the session!  i can't wait to share more from their session soon!

we also had the pleasure of capturing Baby Knox's (seriously, that is a GREAT name!) newborn photos.  he was a delight.  newborns can be very long, sometimes difficult shoots.  you have to follow the baby's schedule and have LOTS of patience.  we love doing newborns, but this one was ESPECIALLY fun, because he was EASY!  he was so calm and relaxed the whole time.  mom and dad (and older sister) were awesome the whole time!

and then there is my Dylan....oh man, this kid is a handful.  he is our youngest (of 4) and is trouble with a capital T.  gotta love him though.  they don't come much cuter than that!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do you want to build a snowman? | Frozen Inspired Photosession

had a quick Frozen inspired shoot tonight with Little Pea.  She was a rockstar as she modeled her Elsa and Anna faces. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Starry Hosts | Des Moines Custom Art

my sweet little pea happily modeled for an art shoot today.  i have had this concept in mind and when she bopped out of her room with newly curled hair (thank you big sister!) i knew i needed to grab my camera and lights and get this artwork going.  she was an amazing little model for me.  being so patient and looking absolutely adorable.  i love how it turned out.  i think i might have this printed VERY LARGE on a canvas for my dining room.  (after i do a few more custom art pieces with the other 3 kidlets!) ---- nicole

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Real Life | Easter Outfits

One would think that getting a photo of your children in their Easter attire would be an easy task, since you are a professional photographer.....ummm....NO!  This is real life people.  Payton (left) looking adorably innocent (don't let her fool you), Tyler trying to control the situation (and failing) and Dylan trying to run away (and winning)....oh and Maddie missing, because you can't expect a 14 year old to get ready quickly.  Yep.  Real life.  And I love it.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

And the earth shook.... | A Good Friday Devotion

...and the earth shook...earthquakes, darkness, splitting rocks, bodies were raised from the dead...
sounds like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.  or some crazy sci-fi book.  but, it's from the living Word of God.  it was the day that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was nailed to a cross.  it was the day that the perfect, spotless Lamb of God was beaten, battered, and killed like a criminal.  it was the day that seemed so dark.  so hopeless.  so empty.  it's the feeling that our heart feels when we are at our most lonely.  the pain and anxiety deep inside that we have when we have no where to turn and life is too hard, too much, and too painful.  it's the crying, the sadness, the emptiness when we lose everything in this life that was important to us.  the earth shook with that intense and immeasurable anxiety.  and for many, maybe even you, that is the end.  end of the story.  Jesus died.  the end.
but I promise you my friends, it is NOT THE END of the story.  that was only a piece of a much bigger, life-altering story. 

the Creator of heaven and earth CHOSE to love us. (ephesians 1:4)
God loved us before we ever loved him.  (1 john 4:19)
we can't stand before God.  even the smallest sin separates us from him.  (romans 3:23)
we can't measure up.  we are completely messed up.  have you ever lied?  stolen?  been jealous?
yeah, we all have.  and that doesn't measure up to the most perfect, Almighty God. (psalm 18:30)
but God loved us. WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS.  while we were still gross, jealous, lying, thieving sinners. (roman 5:8)
he sent his PERFECT Son.  the spotless Lamb as a sacrifice, as an atonement, as the payment for us.
Jesus died, so that we didn't have to spend eternity without God. (john 3:16)
so that we could spend eternity in His presence, loving and being loved by Him. (1 john 5:13)
Jesus died so that we could LIVE.  FREELY LIVE. (john 8:36)
...but the story doesn't end when Jesus dies.  Jesus ROSE AGAIN.  HE LIVES.  his resurrection, our new life.  we can now LIVE fully, complete and accepted by God. (mark 16:9)
and i pray, that you, my friends, can know this LOVE that God has for you.  if you have never trusted in Jesus, as YOUR Savior, the one that died for YOU.  what is stopping you?  God is bigger than whatever is stopping you.  He is calling you, BY NAME, to come to Him.  will you come?

Jesus died.  Jesus rose again.  HE LIVES!!!!  Praise God, He is risen!!!!  and he is calling you....THAT is the end of the story.

---always feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about anything we share on our blog or facebook page, we love hearing from you----

Friday, March 28, 2014

Katniss. Minecraft. And Perler Beads. | Life Today

Intentionally.... that is what I have really been striving for lately.  Intentionally spending one on one time with the kids.  (with 4, that can easily become a challenge!)  Intentionally spending time getting heart to heart with them to strengthen their walk with Jesus. (this includes my 14 year old and I getting up every Friday morning at 5am to go to Caribou Coffee and have a quiet Bible study and discipleship time together.  IT IS AMAZING and SUCH a blessing!) Intentionally finding activities that spark creativity in each of my kids.  I have VERY different kiddos, so finding them an activity that will entertain them ALL for hours????  THAT is priceless!!!  (okay, so little mister Dylan doesn't get to participate in this activity, but I am STILL calling this a win!)
PERLER BEADS....seriously, who knew these tiny little beads (that I find ALL over my kitchen floor) would be so popular in our house!
We have managed to make Steve, Creepers, Chickens and Axes from Minecraft.  My 14 year old has slaved away for hours creating Katniss, Effie (seriously my favorite...and I didn't even get a pic yet, BAD MOM!), Cyna, and Peeta.  And I helped little miss Payton make Ariel (TWICE...because her best friend had to have one, too!!!!)  

Here are the links to the patterns we found on pinterest!  ENJOY!!!
Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns
Ariel Perler Bead Pattern
Hunger Games Perler Bead Pattern

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SPRING BREAK SPECIAL | Des Moines Area Photography

Hey guys!  Do NOT miss out on this awesome Spring Break Special! 
A 30 minute mini-session for $99!!!  Mini-sessions are a great way to update your kiddos pics, get some new pics of you and your spouse, or just get some photos for fun!
Call us today at 515-974-9202 or email us at to schedule your appointment!  You can make your appointments for anytime in April, May or June of 2014!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hot News, Stay Tuned | Des Moines Photography and Design

Spring is finally on its merry way!  Are you as complete sick of the snow and cold as I am?  This warmer spring weather is a MUCH needed reprieve!!!

So our poor little neglected blog here is being neglected on purpose!  We are getting ready to launch some BRAND NEW stuff and have been working super hard behind the scenes!  I am SO excited to share all the new stuff, looks and awesomeness with you guys!  BUTTTTTTTT you have to be patient!  It won't be ready for a few more weeks!  We will make all of our announcements on this blog, on facebook,  and twitter!  So be sure you are following us!

Here are some of the fun things we have been hard at work on in the mean time!!!

My littlest turned TWO this week and so we had a quick mini session to commemorate the day!

We have had some great photo sessions:

And we have been doing LOTS of graphic design work:

Stay tuned for all our upcoming announcements and fun!!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year. New Excitement.

Whew, does anyone else feel like they are STILL reeling from all the holiday hustle and bustle?  I feel like November-mid January FLIES by with a blink!  We have TONS of birthdays/anniversaries on top of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, so our winter is a chaotic whirlwind of activity!  It is always fun, but honestly I am ready to get back into a normal routine!

Deb and I are working hard behind the scenes right now (on top of our photography) to get some BRAND new EXCITING things going throughout this year!  It's all sorts of top secret stuff right now, but I can't wait to be able to share the fun with you! 

The one not-so-top-secret thing we are working on right now is our website, so if you come by and check us out, you may find yourself in the midst of our construction.  We will be working on website changes over the next few months so please be patient with us!!! 

And we ABSOLUTELY are booking for Spring right now!  It's still pretty bitter cold out but we will fill our weekends up fast once the warm weather hits, so be sure to contact us to reserve your photosession soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for the new year!  We sure are!!!