Thursday, July 17, 2014

munchkins, sunset, and little ones | des moines children and family photography

this last weekend we had some AMAZINGLY fun photosession.  a sunset shoot, that almost didn't happen due to storms coming.  but seriously, it ended up being GORGEOUS!  and the Jacksons ROCKED the session!  i can't wait to share more from their session soon!

we also had the pleasure of capturing Baby Knox's (seriously, that is a GREAT name!) newborn photos.  he was a delight.  newborns can be very long, sometimes difficult shoots.  you have to follow the baby's schedule and have LOTS of patience.  we love doing newborns, but this one was ESPECIALLY fun, because he was EASY!  he was so calm and relaxed the whole time.  mom and dad (and older sister) were awesome the whole time!

and then there is my Dylan....oh man, this kid is a handful.  he is our youngest (of 4) and is trouble with a capital T.  gotta love him though.  they don't come much cuter than that!

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