Friday, March 28, 2014

Katniss. Minecraft. And Perler Beads. | Life Today

Intentionally.... that is what I have really been striving for lately.  Intentionally spending one on one time with the kids.  (with 4, that can easily become a challenge!)  Intentionally spending time getting heart to heart with them to strengthen their walk with Jesus. (this includes my 14 year old and I getting up every Friday morning at 5am to go to Caribou Coffee and have a quiet Bible study and discipleship time together.  IT IS AMAZING and SUCH a blessing!) Intentionally finding activities that spark creativity in each of my kids.  I have VERY different kiddos, so finding them an activity that will entertain them ALL for hours????  THAT is priceless!!!  (okay, so little mister Dylan doesn't get to participate in this activity, but I am STILL calling this a win!)
PERLER BEADS....seriously, who knew these tiny little beads (that I find ALL over my kitchen floor) would be so popular in our house!
We have managed to make Steve, Creepers, Chickens and Axes from Minecraft.  My 14 year old has slaved away for hours creating Katniss, Effie (seriously my favorite...and I didn't even get a pic yet, BAD MOM!), Cyna, and Peeta.  And I helped little miss Payton make Ariel (TWICE...because her best friend had to have one, too!!!!)  

Here are the links to the patterns we found on pinterest!  ENJOY!!!
Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns
Ariel Perler Bead Pattern
Hunger Games Perler Bead Pattern

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