Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabulous FAIR Friday!

If you live within photoshooting distance from us, you know the Iowa State Fair is going on right now. What a great place to spend some time (and $$) this weekend!  

No time (or $$) for the Iowa State Fair -- or you live far away from us?  Deb here suggesting four more 'fairs' to consider this weekend.  Pull up TCM on your cable station (yes, the old-movie station), butter some popcorn and enjoy!

My Fair Lady (1964)
This isn't a fair movie -- it's a GREAT movie.  Audrey Hepburn at her BEST in this classic, intelligent, witty musical!  And the costumes & hats are super-photo-worthy!

This is a movie about the Iowa State Fair so it has to make the list.
Trivia buffs:  What was the name of the big boar in the movie?
Trivia Answer:  Blueboy -- and he was love-sick.     

Jean Simmons looking for her missing brother at the 1889 Paris Exhibition.  This movie is on my to-watch list and it gets high marks from others that love a good mystery. 

A FAVORITE of mine!  I've watched it at least 20 times -- mostly with the grandkids (often with Grandpa too).  Judy Garland sings her way through the seasons.  Literally, the seasons:  The movie is four little vignettes representing summer, fall (our favorite), winter, spring.  
The climax (sort of):  The 1904 St Louis World's Fair.

Happy Fairing!

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