Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recent Shoots....and Recent Instagrams....

And we have many more pics to share soon!  We are gearing up for an exciting and busy fall!  Give us a call soon if you would like to schedule with us!  And of course I (Nicole) have to share a little of what is going on in our crazy life..... little man (okay, not my littlest little man, but my FIRST little man) started his FIRST day of public school this week.  Now granted, we homeschool and are STILL homeschooling this year, so he is only going up for 2 classes, but he was a pretty excited (and nervous) second grade boy heading off to Spanish and PE!  And...he only got lost for a LITTLE bit at school....yep, that really happened.... My sweet sweet sister-in-law asked me to help her with her wedding invites.  She of course, is totally fabulous in the ideas department, so it was SO much fun creating the PERFECT invites, RSVP cards, map of directions and timeline (HOW CUTE IS THAT!) for her!  Can't wait for the wedding now!!! oldest also started a couple of classes at public school this week.  And she is really loving them!  But she still finds time for her mom!  She has been a great partner, while I am marathon training, she bikes with me!   LOVE that!!!

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