Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Best Parts of Summer

 Do you have summer favorites?  Favorite activities?  Favorite foods?  MMMMMMmmmmm watermelon!  One of my (Nicole's) favorite activities that became a tradition last year (can something become a tradition after one year???) was Family Camp!

 We had SUCH a blast spending a weekend as a family swimming in a lake, climbing a rock wall, playing carpet ball, paintball, egg drops (think Macguiver like skills meets raw eggs....hmmmm), riding on a giant inflatable banana on the lake (there might have been a split lip involved and a panicked mother but we won't talk about that) and so much more.
   We went up to Twin Lakes Bible Camp (no we are NOT getting paid to advertise for them, they just ROCK so much, you should check them out!)  This year the WHOLE Urban Wings troop is going (Deb and Nicole and families!)  We are SOOOOO excited!  What's your favorite summer tradition????

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  1. Wow!! This was a gift to my day!! THanks for sharing....Jane