Friday, December 21, 2012

Session Highlight | D Family Photoshoot

Little ones and photoshoots.  As mom and a grandma, ourselves, we KNOW that this can be difficult.  Hoping that your little angels don't suddenly turn into "real kids" when they get in front camera.  Our own kids (grandkids) like to pull those silly shenanigans on us!  Cheesy smiles, hair pulling, craziness!   But moms and dads, take a deep breath, because truly, we got this!  The best part of the photoshoot, is to hear the feedback from those moms and dads.  The ones that tell us that they looked at the photos with tears in their eyes because we captured their children's personality.  The ones that tell us how it wasn't stressful but a really fun experience.  And the kids that want to give us hugs and high fives at the end because we were laughing and playing like good friends! 

We love capturing your kids REAL smiles.  Those genuine looks and twinkles that are reserved for REAL joy and happiness!  The D Family came to us to capture some family photos and we loved capturing photos of their FIVE beautiful kiddos!  Yes, five.  You read that right!  They were a delight to work with and we had such a fun time playing with balloons, making silly faces and trying to stay warm (BRR!)

Enjoy this little peak at their shoot!!! 

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