Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Essence of Light | On the Other side...

So my (Nicole's) daughter wanted to snap some photos of me and had this makeup idea....which was a big secret....

So I willing sat for her while she plastered on eye shadow was traveling down my cheeks and up to my eyebrows and when the liquid eyeliner mistake was resolved with spit, well, I had to take over.  I looked in the mirror and it was quite scary.  So we started over on the makeup, I set up lights and she told me what to wear and she posed me.  It was quite a different experience being on the other side of the camera.  A lot more difficult than I like to admit.  I am NOT a naturally good "model."  I squint my eyes when I smile.   I look like a sad puppy dog when I try not to's quite a disaster!!!  But my daughter did an awesome job bossing me coaching me and we ended up with some great shots. 

And my awesome hubby was willing to be my model today.  He did great!  He's quite a hunk if I do say so myself!!! 

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