Friday, April 26, 2013

what a week | products, promos, pictures

Nicole here!  So the week began cold and nasty.  Seriously, winter coat cold and too bitter to run outside.  Yuck!  And today we are homeschooling on the porch with the birds chirping and beautiful sunshine beaming in....WHAT IS WITH THIS WEATHER????

I feel like on top of the fact that my allergies and sinuses are having a hayday with this rollercoaster weather, that my week has been spinning like a top!  The hubs and I are signed up to run Dam to Dam this year.  YIKES!  I have run it before but I had a baby a year ago and I like to use having a baby as an everlasting excuse not to exercise, so I have been kicking it into high gear to get ready for this 12.6 mile run....seriously...that is a LONG ways for someone who hasn't run much at all in the last ohhhhhhhh 2 years or so....but I am getting there.
And since I am being so awesome about running....I decided healthy eating should be a priority at our took my kids to Cherry Berry and let them eat frozen yogurt and candy for lunch yesterday.  seriously!  Even the 1 year old...I know, I am awesome like that!  no judging people!!!

But I doubt you are here to read all about my stuffy nose and candy is what's happening this week in the photography design world:

New PRODUCTS in the tCP store!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!
We also have been working on some new AWESOME business cards and promo posters!  If you happen to see a poster while you are out and about give us a shout out on Facebook and let us know where you saw it!  Or Instagram a pic of it!!!  We would love to know where you see us!
We also had photos to process, book collages to be made, graduation announcements to design, a canvas gallery wrap to design and more!  Hope you guys had an awesome week!!!!  

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