Friday, July 12, 2013

Fabulous Friday FOOD!

Welcome to Friday!  Let's cook up something good this weekend!

We know many of you you stay uber-busy with home improvement projects (thanks, HGTV and Pinterest), kids' sports and every-day life.  Here is an easy casserole that will fit right in with those busy plans.  It's a recipe that is easy to size up for bigger crowds.  And it is a fix-it-and-forget-it meal (for a few hours anyway).

Chicken Club Casserole

Five ingredients -- layered in a casserole dish -- from bottom up:

5.  Cooked rice.  White rice is my favorite in this recipe, with wild rice a close second.  I usually make about 1/2 cup rice for each serving.

4.  Chipped beef.  One package is more than enough for 4 servings.

3.  Chicken breasts (boneless, halved or quartered). A half-chicken breast per serving.    

2.  Bacon.  Applewood Smoked is my current favorite!  One to two slices per serving.

1.  Sour cream and mushroom soup, mixed.  (I guess that makes it 6 ingredients, doesn't it!).  For every 2 chicken breasts (four halves), use 1 pint sour cream & 1 can mushroom soup. 

Pop this in the oven at 280-degrees for THREE hours.

What's for dinner at your house this weekend?

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