Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday | Text Formatting in Photoshop

Hey guys!!!  Nicole here from Urban Wings Art!  I am excited this week to share with you a basic Photoshop tutorial that will help you achieve a nice formatted look to your text!  Let's get started!

Photoshop Text Formatting Tutorial

1.  Start with an open document in Photoshop.  You are welcome to use a plain background, a photo, or whatever document you choose to add text to.  This kind of formatting is great for cards, greetings, scrapbook journaling, and published documents. I am going to start with a photo of my littlest peanut and add some journaling to the side.  But I want to keep my journaling contained on only one part of the photo, so we will format our text to have constraints.

2.   Click on your text tool in Photoshop.  The text tool icon can be found in your tools bar and looks like a "T". 

Once you have your text tool selected, you are going to choose the place on your document that you want to add your text.  Usually if you were going to start typing you would left click your mouse somewhere on your open document and start typing.  This will cause your text to continue in a straight line.  However if you click and drag (hold down your left mouse key while you drag, or keep your pen tool on your tablet if you are using a Wacom).   You will be able to create a "box"  in the area you want to type in.  Drag until you have covered the area that you would like to type in and release your mouse button.

3.  Start typing!  Right now my text is set to center alignment, but for the moment, that part won't matter.  I just type out my journaling until it is complete and then we will work on formatting until we like the look of it.

4.  We are now going to format our text.  Go to your menu bar, click on Windows and choose Paragraph.  This will open your paragraph editing menu.

5.  Select all your text that you have journaled.  And now start experimenting with the different paragraph formatting options.  My font and font size are already set to what I want them to be.  So I want to spread my text out so that it is straight along both the left and right side.  So I will click on the last paragraph alignment option. 

At this point you are done!  Experiment with different font sizes, fonts, and alignments to get the journaling look you want!!!
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