Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fresh & Fun Wednesday | Marathon, Photos, & Designs

Hey guys!!!  Nicole here!  So I did it.  I forked over a ridiculous amount of money and I am officially signed up for the IMT Des Moines Marathon.  The. Whole. Thing. 26.2 miles.  YIKES!  This is my FIRST marathon ever!  I have done 1/2 marathons before, but this is like the big one.  The one thing on my non-existent bucket list....that would be on said-bucket list if I had one.  Something I have wanted to do for a LONG time...but never have.  Sooooo keep me motivated until October and share with me your marathon stories, encouragement or if you are running this marathon or ANY marathon or races (long or shorter) this year tell me about it!!!  We can keep each other motivated!!!!
And speaking of motivated....(did you like that goofy segway)...... we have been UBER motivated this week with photography and design is a recap of our last few projects and what's been going on at Urban Wings Art!!!


Cake smash birthday photoshoots.  Family photoshoots.  Kiddo photoshoots.  Lots of pictures being taking recently.  But even more than that we have had LOTS of requests for our Photography Books and Photo Canvases.  If you haven't seen these or heard about them yet, they are GOR-ORGEOUS!!!  We are working on lots of designs for our photography clients for coffee table books that we are SO excited for them to see and display!  Plus we have designs coming along for some out of state clients who sent us THEIR photos for a wall canvas!  WE DO THAT TOO!!!  We love helping you create ART for your homes!  If you have a photography/art project, please inquire with us and we can give you a personalized quote!!!

Some great new products are hitting the Creative Pixel store this week!!!  Here are a few to whet your appetite!

And here are some recent amazing layouts that were recently created by the Creative Pixel members with some of our products:

And we have also been busy doing some graphic design projects!  Some cute invites lately!  Here is a little peek at one of our recent designs for a bridal shower!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing what the Urban Wings Girls have been up to!!!  Please let us know if you have any questions at all or would like to chit chat about your design and photography needs!!!  Have an awesome day!!!!  COME LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FORMORE DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY FUN!

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