Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday | Instagram Toaster Photo Effect in Photoshop

Nicole here.  And yes, my love of Instagram is rearing its ugly head again!  Are you as addicted as me?  It's so fun to capture those everyday life moments and then add a cool photo effect!  Don't you agree?  So I thought it would be awesome to replicate some of those photo effects in Photoshop, so I can add some awesomeness to my big-daddy camera photos!  One of my all-time fav effects in Instagram is Toaster.  It is so warm and just makes me all happy inside!  So here is my attempt at recreating the effect in photoshop!!!  Ready to follow along?
First here is the before and after on my phone
BEFORE Instagram Toaster Effect:

AFTER the Toaster Effect is add on Instagram:

Instagram Toaster Effect in Photoshop

1. Open a your photo in a new window.  Open> and browse until you find the photo you want to work with.  Click OPEN.

2.  The first layer we are going to add to our photo is a CURVES layer.  I will go through each of the individual settings for Curves.
Starting on your RGB Curve.  Pull the center of your curve up to approximately an output of 132 and an input of 121.

Next switch your Curves drop down to Red.   Starting at the bottom.  You are going to move your bottom left corner up to an output of 33 and an input of 0.
Your center point of your line is going to be moved up to an output of 133 and an input of 107.
And your top right corner of  your Red Curve is going to be pulled to the left with an output of 255 and an input of 226.

Next switch to your GREEN Curve dropdown.
The only point we are changing on our Green Curve is the bottom left corner.  We are going to change the output to 5 and the input remains 0.

Next we will switch to our BLUE Curve.  Starting with our bottom left corner point we are going to change the output to 66 and the input to 0.  Make a point in the middle of the line and change the output to 143 and the input to 156.  Next at the top right hand corner change the output to 221 and the input remains 255.

2.  We are now going to add our second next layer.  We will add a GRADIENT Layer to our photo. 
Start by adding a Gradient Layer.  Click on the color scale at the top of your Gradient Menu Bar.  Your first color for your gradient (on the left hand side) is a dark blue/purple.  I used the color #190a51.

On the right hand side of the gradient I chose a yellow-y orange color.  I used color #ffc436

Next we need to make sure that the opacity for the entire Gradient is 100%.  So click on the arrows at the TOP of the gradient color slide to check the opacity.

Click on one of the bottom color arrows (the blue or yellow ones at the end of your color slider) and a small diamond will appear in the center below of the gradient slider.  We are going to move that diamond to the left to about a location of 40.  This will move how far the yellow gradient goes out to the edges.

Click OK to save the colors and locations of the colors of the gradient.  You should still see your Gradient Menu open.  Change the Style to RADIAL.   Change the angle to 128.  And click REVERSE in the boxes.  Click OK.  You should be able to see your gradient right now and NOT your photo.

Next we are going to change our layer style to OVERLAY at 71% opacity.

4.  Now we are going to add one final layer.  Another CURVES layer.  This time we will only be working on the RGB Curve.  Starting with the bottom left corner change your output to 0 and your input to 18.  Make a point in the middle of your curve and change the settings to an output of 155 and an input of 118.

And that is IT!  You have Toaster-ized your photo!!!!  What do you think?  

"Toaster" Effect in Photoshop:

Feel free to adjust the settings until you have the perfect combo for your photo!!!  Let me know what you think!!!  And be sure to LIKE us onFACEBOOK to see more tutorials, more products & grab our current freebie!!!

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  1. I used this tutorial to make an action in PS. Works great! Thanks.