Friday, July 5, 2013

Fabulous Friday | Trends of the Season

Hey guys! Nicole here with this week's FAB-U-LICIOUS five things!  I am so excited this week to share some recent trends that are really knocking my socks off!  So are you ready for all the fabulousness that is about to ensue? 

Fabulous Trends

5. Peekaboo Highlights.  For real, this is my FAVORITE hair color treatment at the moment.  And I have gone through a LOT of hair colors and styles.  LOVE the highlights (or lowlights) that pop out underneath that top layer of hair!  I have it subtly in my hair but am doing it much bolder next time I color my hair.   What do you think of this hair trend???

Christina Perry and Vanessa Hudgens pull it off really well!

4.  Leggings under dresses.  I think I would wear this everyday if I had enough leggings and dresses.  And yes, I DID steal my 13 year old daughter's dress and rock it over leggings the other day.  No shame here.  I love the look and since I have...ohhhhh....ONE pair of shorts (that aren't athletic shorts) that I cut off from jeans (classy, I know!) this style is right up my alley!!!


3.  Neon Pink!  Probably NOT the BEST choice for your family photos, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color.  It's so fun and bright and looks great as an accessory for that extra pop of color!!!

2. Fossil Purses.  Ohhhhh be still my heart.  I LOVE Fossil Brand purses and if I could afford all of them, I would  buy and love each and every one!  They are the epitome of my style. 

1. Chunky Earrings.  I have always ALWAYS loved chunky dangling earrings.  USUALLY silver, but bronze and gold are growing on me!  Love how they make me feel like my outfits are complete!

Hope you enjoyed this week's FASHIONABLE FABULOUS FIVE things!!!  LIKE us on facebook to keep up to date with us!!!

**all photos were found on pinterest**


  1. I love leggings under dresses, esp the way my little one is wearing them. Takes me way back to the 80s and Madonna LOL will have to take a photo.

    1. LOL its scary how much is coming back into style huh?