Saturday, June 22, 2013

FABULOUS FRIDAY: on Saturday....

Hey everyone!  Nicole here from Urban Wings Art!  And I am bringing you a FABULOUS FRIDAY...on Saturday.....yeah, I totally rock like that.  It's called procrastination people.  So let's just start out our fabulous list with that....procrastination

5. least once in a while.  So the truth of the matter is, I am NOT a procrastinator.  I am a to-do-lister.  A planner.  An organizer.  A little high strung when it comes to being timely and ready.  But I am also a mom.  With 4 kids.  Ranging in ages from 1 to 13.  We homeschool.  I work.  I run.  Like, a lot, since I a training for my first marathon.  Soo.....procrastination tends to happen once in a while.  Or maybe it's more of a case of busyness....yeah, that sounds better! 

4.   RUNNING.  So no, the truth is I don't LOVE running.  I do run.  I LIKE running.  Sometimes I even REALLY like running.  But LOVE?  Nah, I save that word for stuff like coffee and gummy bears.  But I DO run and I am LEARNING to love it.  In fact, I am trying to love it enough to run 26.2 miles.  Any advice?  Have any of you run marathons?  I need TIPS!!!  I need HELP!!!!

3.   DAY DATES.  Hubby and I went to our first movie about....3 years?  2 years?  I don't even know!  I can't remember the last time we actually went to a theater....WITHOUT KIDS!  It was AWESOME and quiet!!!  Ahhhhh, it rocked.  And so did our large tub of popcorn that we managed to polish off before the movie had even started.....I believe it was around 1200 calories all together...and I loved all of them!!!

2.  SWINGING AT THE PARK!   Last year getting my kiddos out to the park was a little more challenging.  I had a 3 month old in tow who wanted to nurse, in 90 degree heat....YUCK!  But this year, little man is all grown up and LOVES to go to the park and swing....and swing....and swing some more!  He is so stinking funny!  Gotta love baby swings!  Thank you so much to whoever created those mommy-lifesavers! 

1.  THREE YEAR OLD SASS.  Yes, I do love it.  But only for a moment and then I need my three year old little pistol to grow out of it.  She is FULL of sassiness!  Seriously!  It's bad!  She is my ONE child that is just determined to push every button but look adorable doing it.  She keeps us on our toes but she is so stinking cute!!! 

Hope you guys had an FABULOUS week, too!  Tell us about it on facebook!!!  

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  1. Oh yeah, you tell it like it is! You must be a Master Class Mom because of the number of kids AND the age spread! AND training for a marathon!