Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot Style Sunday | The Lace Trend

Hey guys!  Nicole here from Urban Wings Art with the first edition of Hot Style Sunday!
One of the most frequent questions we get asked as photographers is:  What should we wear?  What looks good?   So we will be putting together a preview of some of the hottest trends and styles we have come across and some of the styles that we LOVE to see you guys in! 
I am fairly certain you won't make it out of a single store in the mall right now without seeing a lace dress, lace skirt, lace top and more recently lace shorts (my verdict is still out on those....I can't imagine wearing them, but if you love them?  Rock it!)
I am in LOVE with large, crochet-styled lace dresses and tops!  Here are few of my favorites  (with links to the stores that I have seen them at!)

And here is a link to our PINTEREST BOARD full of more cute styles for you to check out!!!   LIKE what you see?  LIKE us on Facebook!!!!

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