Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo Prompts: TODAY


 Howdy guys! Have you been clicking away with us in June? Nicole here and I am excited to be bringing you some more fun Photography! So grab your iphones, instagram, or your big cameras and start snapping away with us! Work on your photography skills or just join us for a fun time! And be sure to share with us when you take your pics! You can share them on the Creative Pixel facebook page or in your media gallery at the Creative Pixel!!! So come on! Let's get snapping!!! Please feel free to mix these up, do them in order, skip some, add your own, or combine them....just remember the rule....have a CRAZY GOOD TIME!!!

This week's photography prompts: TODAY....

Photography Prompt 1: TODAY I FEEL.... How do you feel today? Can you share it in a photo? Maybe you are feeling happy and the sun is shining? Maybe you are wearing your favorite high heels and new hi-low skirt and you are feeling beautiful, take a selfie! Whatever you are feeling....capture that feeling in a photo!!!!  
Photography Prompt 2: TODAY IS.... great? your birthday? a boring not so awesome day? the day you go to the dry cleaners? a date night with your hubby? Whatever is going on today, share it in a photo!!
 Photography Prompt 3: TODAY'S COLOR IS.... what is the color of the day for you? Maybe it's your favorite color at the moment or the color that you keep seeing everywhere (can we say neon yellow anyone?) Whatever that color may be, be creative and snap a photo!
 Photography Prompt 4: TODAY MY PARTNER IN CRIME WAS.... who was your buddy today? Who went with you to the grocery store? Who watched a movie with you? Share who you spent your day with!
Photography Prompt 5: TODAY I FINALLY.... finished the book you have been reading? ran a mile? accomplished your goal? What did you finally do today? Maybe you finally got your laundry done (ahem) this is me trying to motivate myself to get that one off the old to do list....
Photography Prompt 6: TODAY I WENT.... to the park with my kids? to the movies? What did you do today? Share in photos!!!!  
Photography Prompt 7: TODAY..... is a free day to take a pic of WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Share a little of your life with us today!!!! We can't wait to see!!! Be sure to share all your photos with us at the Creative Pixel! We love seeing your creativity at work! And we love being able to comment on what you have done! Thanks for joining in on this fun Photography Adventure! Keep snapping this week!!!

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