Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo Prompt Sunday: Once Upon A Time | Photography Challenge

Ohhhhhh snap! Hey there shutterbugs! Nicole Young here from Urban Wings Art! And I am excited to be bringing you some fun Photography Prompts for the month of June! Each Sunday I will send you out into this crazy big photographable (is that a word?) world with some fun, unique and maybe a little quirky assignments to get you snapping during the week! And I don't want you to just TELL me that you snapped the photos...I want to SEE them! So be sure to post your photos to the Creative Pixel gallery and show off your creativeness! And don't be afraid to join in no matter what level you are at! Use your big daddy DSLRs if you have one, or use your phone camera! There are NO rules, okay....there is ONE rule....have a CRAZY GOOD TIME! Please feel free to mix these up, do them in order, skip some, add your own, or combine them....just remember the rule....have a CRAZY GOOD TIME!!!  

This week's photography prompts: ONCE UPON A TIME
  • Photography Prompt 1: Mirror, mirror..... or water, glass, metal, anything reflective. Creatively capture a photo of reflections. Use your imagination! The sky is the limit on this one! Share your techniques and your photos at the Creative Pixel!
  • Photography Prompt 2: It's off to work we go.... what is part of your daily routine before work? Maybe it's the bridge that you pass on the way to work every day. Maybe, it's the Venti Non-fat Caramel Macchiato that you have to get before hitting your desk! Maybe, you work from home and your work clothes consist of flannel pajama pants and your favorite sports T-shirt! Grab a pic of something that relates to your "off to work" routine. Don't work? Ha! No way, are you a mom? Then you work! What do you do before those little ones get up? Are you retired? Then you still the garden, keeping your house clean, making dinner....whatever your work may be...document something related to it!
  • Photography Prompt 3: Sleeping Beauty... capture the essence of night. Photograph something sleep related. ZZZZZZZZZ. What is your favorite nighttime snack? Do your kiddos look absolutely adorable when they are snoozing? Do you have a favorite pillow? Maybe your little ones HAVE to sleep with a certain toy! Capture it! You will always want to remember those small seemingly insignificant things!
  • Photography Prompt 4: Prince Charming.... who is YOUR prince charming? Maybe it's your hubby, maybe it's your cutie patootie little kiddo that melts your heart into a million pieces. Maybe it's your 4 legged furry friend who greets you at the door. Maybe you swoon over an actor that is beyond dreamy....whoever or whatever it may be....capture your prince charming in a photograph! Be creative!
  • Photography Prompt 5: The Seven something....of anything....SEVEN! This might be a really easy one, or it might be terribly difficult! I can't want to see what you guys come up with! I have some ideas brewing in my head!!!!
  • Photography Prompt 6: Let down your long hair.... Ponytails. Pigtails. Braids. Buns. Fishtails. Bangs. Capture that killer 'do! Hair hair hair!!!! Take a pic of your own, of someone else's. Take a pic of a style you want! Be sure to share it with us!!!
  • Photography Prompt 7: And they lived happily ever after. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Creatively capture what love means to YOU! Think outside the box! Have fun!!!
Be sure to share all your photos with us at the Creative Pixel! We love seeing your creativity at work! And we love being able to comment on what you have done! Thanks for joining in on this fun Photography Adventure! Keep snapping this week!!!

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