Friday, June 7, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Hey everyone! Nicole here from Urban Wings Art! So I am going to admit something that I would rather not admit to my husband. I am TERRIBLE at making jokes. But I am easily humored. Like, way, way to easily. I laugh REALLY loud and try to come up with great comebacks. But always end up sounding pretty pathetic. And that makes me laugh. So I guess my goal was accomplished anyway. My husband is FUNNY. Like, awesome comebacks EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. funny. And my oldest daughter, well she obviously takes after him, cause she rocks with quick witted humor. And me....yep, still laughing and TRYING to come up with something clever. So today I am bringing you the top 5 FABULOUS things that I find funny, awesome, or as my daughter would say....SWAGALICIOUS! 

 5. SWAGALICIOUS. The word. I love it. Although I will admit the constant use of it by my teenager drives me crazy. Swag. Swag. Swag. First time I even came across this great word? A few years ago with Toyota's Swagger Wagon commercial. I died laughing when I saw this for the first time. Can any of you mama's relate??? 

4. Almond Milk. My new love. Seriously. I count my calories. I count them as they climb REALLY REALLY high some days. But usually I am pretty good about watching what I eat. And I recently made the *ahem* depressing switch from sweet, fake, horrible for you, coffee mate flavor creamers to whole milk in my coffee. Until I met Almond Milk.....30 calories per cup PEOPLE! It was love at first sip! My coffee and I love us some almond milk! 

3. Baby teeth. My littlest is 14 months old and has these serious rabbit tooth chompers. Just two. Popping out of his lower gums. He has 4 teeth on top, but they are nothing compared to the adorableness of those two little rabbit teeth. But keep fingers...and every other part of your body that you value AWAY. He will bite. He is like a rabid squirrel. And it HURTS!  

 2. Crazy socks. I own MAYBE 4 pairs of white socks. And they are all sports socks. The rest of my drawer of socks is purple polka dots. Black and gray stripes. Red stripes with Paul Frank Santa Clause monkeys. Black with Christmas lights. Plum and gray striped.....etc. And the newest addition. NEON YELLOW RUNNING SOCKS! Boooooo yaaaaa! I can't wait to rock those!!!  
 1. INSTAGRAM. Hello, my name is Nicole. And I am an instagram addict. Seriously. I am one of those sad folks that look at my dinner plate and think. Yes, yes, I SHOULD instagram this picture for all my millions of followers to see. Okay, so maybe that is why I actually DON'T have millions of followers. Hmmm.....well, if you are an instagram addict too, come follow me! @nicoleyoung_urbanwingsart #urbanwingsart #theCreativePixel  

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