Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photo Prompt Sunday: ALL ABOUT DADS

Instagram. Point and Shoot. Nikon. Canon. DSLR. Doesn't matter! I would love for you to join in no matter what type of camera you are shooting with! Come document life with me, Nicole Young of Urban Wings Art! And I am excited to be bringing you some fun Photography Prompts for the month of June! Each Sunday I will send you out into this crazy big photographable (is that a word?) world with some fun, unique and maybe a little quirky assignments to get you snapping during the week! And I don't want you to just TELL me that you snapped the photos...I want to SEE them! So be sure to post your photos to the Creative Pixel gallery and show off your creativeness! And don't be afraid to join in no matter what level you are at! Use your big daddy DSLRs if you have one, or use your phone camera! There are NO rules, okay....there is ONE rule....have a CRAZY GOOD TIME!
Please feel free to mix these up, do them in order, skip some, add your own, or combine them....just remember the rule....have a CRAZY GOOD TIME!!!

This week's photography prompts: ALL ABOUT DADS (or Grandpas or your hubby who is an awesome dad to your crazy kiddos!)

Photography Prompt 1: Me and my Dad/Grandpa used to/like to....yes, I know that is grammatically incorrect, but as a kid, you would have said it that way! Okay, so most ADULTS still say it that way! Can you remember an awesome, meaningful memory that was special to you and dad or you and grandpa? Share it in a photo!

Photography Prompt 2: From my Dad/Grandpa.... what is a special gift or item that you received from your Grandpa or Dad?

Photography Prompt 3: Dad and me...snap a photo of your kiddos with dad. Or a photo of you and your dad! Make it fun!

Photography Prompt 4: This is my dad. It can be a picture of your dad. Of your husband. OR you can take a picture of an item that represents who they are to you! Be sure to share what it means!

Photography Prompt 5: The Do's and Don'ts. Does your dad (or your hubby) have some rules that you had to live by? Do your kids know that they have to do something a certain way for dad? Share what it is! And be creative! We all have quirky men in our life don't we!

Photography Prompt 6: letters.....yep, this is a "get creative" one. Snap 3 photos today. A "D", an "A" and another "D". Share it together (if you use photoshop) or share it as three separate photos! Or cut and paste the letters from different places and take a picture of that (magazines?) BE SUPER CREATIVE!!!

Photography Prompt 7: Mom rocks too!!! Let's give mom some love this week too! Snap a photo of yourself with your kiddos, your own mom or grandma! Make it special!

Be sure to share all your photos with us at the Creative Pixel! We love seeing your creativity at work! And we love being able to comment on what you have done! Thanks for joining in on this fun Photography Adventure! Be sure to also join in on Instagram and hashtag #tCreativePixel and #UrbanWingsArt Keep snapping this week!!!

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