Friday, June 14, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Hi, All.  Deb here enjoying the start of a fabulous Friday.  

So what are some of the fabulous (but simple) things that I'm enjoying today? 

  5.  A crown.   No, I'm not earthly royalty.  This is a dental crown that is going to be 'set' today.  I know that doesn't sound all that fabulous -- until you've had to live with a temporary crown for a week.  Thank you, Dr Krehbiel's office, for fitting me in today!

4. A single-cup coffee maker.  I'm a tea drinker but it works the same.  What did we do before Keurig came up with these very-expensive-but-can't-do-without cups of individual hot deliciousness?

3.  Sandals.  I can't do the open-toe ones.  I can't do the in-between the toe ones.  But I do love my old-lady, cover-the-bunions, strap-on-with-velcro sandals.   
2. On-line forums.  Today's technology lets me learn from others easily & quickly & at my own pace.  Bible studies and photography and digital scrapbooking are my passions. 

1. Printer paper.  Even though I am a digi-freak (ask my co-workers at Principal), I do love paper products.  I love wandering through office-supply stores absorbing everything paper & print.  And even better:  Photos on super-fine paper from a pro-print-lab!  Mmm-mmm-good! 

So what are you enjoying on your Fabulous Friday?

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